Covid-19 Information

I hope you are all keeping positive during these unsettling times.

In my previous email I stated that we at Vaperz believed remaining open during the Coronavirus lockdown to be a “necessity”. Please read the following article to understand our thinking.

A Scientist Persuaded Italy to Exempt Vape Shops From COVID-19 Lockdown

However, the British Government and other Vape stores who took the decision to close, feel that the European government’s actions to keep Vape stores open along with pharmacies and supermarkets during the lockdown are not worth considering here in the UK.

I have been a pioneer and advocate of Vaping for the last 9 years and have seen thousands of my customers smoothly transition to Vaping and recover their health and well being. It has not been an easy task to fight the constant misinformation and lies propagated by the media who have their own personal agendas and wealthy sponsors. However, it has been worth it to see lives change so much for the better.

We will continue our online delivery service and for those of you (especially the vulnerable in social isolation) who might struggle with the Internet/our website we will be taking telephone orders between the hours of 10am and 4pm on:-

01234 211750 or
07850 184623

We will attempt to troubleshoot over the phone but should you be forced to buy a new battery due to a fault and are still in warranty we will offer a full refund when the shop reopens.

As 2 days postal service can be a long time to wait for emergency replacements, I will deliver to your homes where necessary.

A tip to keep your tank glass from breaking is wrap clear sellotape around it. This can be found in Sainsbury’s.

As the sun shines and the days get longer we will have a lot to be grateful for in the aftermath. In the meantime our thoughts are with the victims and their families as well as those on the frontline fighting for our future.

Claire Riddington-Smith