Bud Atomizer
How to get the best from your Bud atomizer.

The Bud Cartomizer is a disposable cartridge and atomizer in one. It works by using a battery to heat up the liquid nicotine through a wick. The cartomizer holds the equivalent of 30 cigarettes in one filling.
In order to ensure the cartomizer lasts at least the length of a 10ml bottle of vFlaverz before burning out the secret is to keep the wick wet and not to vape to the last drop.  Refill the cartomizer as soon as the levels drop to just above the wick.

Next it is important to put the small stopper in a safe place when you are filling the cartomizer.  When you replace the stopper remember to thumb it down flat. It is an unavoidable hazard of vaping to sometimes get some liquid on your skin.  This may cause some irritation so ensure that you wipe your hands clean after every refill. The whistle tip must always “click”  into place before you begin to vape as this ensures a sealed and leak free inhalation. Always remove the cartomizer from the battery before refilling and do not tighten it to the battery excessively.

Three signs that the cartomizer is ready for disposal are:

  1. the flavour deteriorates
  2. a slight discolouration of the e-liquid appears around the wick
  3. a burnt taste when inhaling

All of our vFlaverz have been stringently tested and comply with Trading Standards for the EU. Our products are all regulated by CE, FCC, ROHS, and FDA.