K3 Bundle Starter Kit

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Kit Contains
– 1 x 2ml Tank
– 1 x 1,200 mAh Battery
– 2 x Coils
– 1 x USB Cable
– Pouch
– 1 x Bottle vFlaverz

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Additional information

Aspire K3 Colour

Pink, Black

Pouch Colour

Tan, Blue, Pink


Almond 16mg, Almond 20mg, Apple 16mg, Apple 20mg, Banana 16mg, Banana 20mg, Blueberry 16mg, Blueberry 20mg, Cappuccino 16mg, Cappuccino 20mg, Cherry 16mg, Cherry 20mg, Chocolate 16mg, Chocolate 20mg, Cigar 16mg, Cigar 20mg, Coffee 16mg, Coffee 20mg, Cola 16mg, Cola 20mg, Cream 16mg, Cream 20mg, Grape 16mg, Grape 20mg, Icey Mint 16mg, Icey Mint 20mg, Juicy Peach 16mg, Juicy Peach 20mg, Lemon 16mg, Lemon 20mg, Liquorice 16mg, Liquorice 20mg, Mandarin 16mg, Mandarin 20mg, Mango 16mg, Mango 20mg, Menthol 16mg, Menthol 20mg, Passion Fruit 16mg, Passion Fruit 20mg, Pina Colada 16mg, Pina Colada 20mg, Pineapple 16mg, Pineapple 20mg, Raspberry 16mg, Raspberry 20mg, Red Energy 16mg, Red Energy 20mg, Rum 16mg, Rum 20mg, Spearmint 16mg, Spearmint 20mg, Strawberry 16mg, Strawberry 20mg, Tobacco, Tobacco Light 16mg, Toffee 16mg, Toffee 20mg, Vanilla 16mg, Vanilla 20mg, Watermelon 16mg, Watermelon 20mg


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