The SolaWand – The world’s first solar powered electronic cigarette!

We, at Vaperz have developed an electronic cigarette that we hope will overcome the inconvenience of having to repeatedly charge your batteries through a conventional wall plug method.


This means that no one will be excluded from Vaping anywhere in the world. Whether on holiday abroad or camping in the wilderness, your SolaWand will continue to recharge as long as there is a suitable light source.

A fully charged battery should last up to five days of continued indoor use. In the event that users are unable to benefit from solar energy we have supplied a wall plug and USB as an alternative means of recharging. Included in the starter pack is the new vTank, bottom loading, clearomizer. Designed to maximise energy usage whilst producing an excellent vape.

The SolaWand sits comfortably in the palm of your hand, but is lighter than other long lasting batteries. It is covered by a comfortable grip skin which can be customised and protects the battery and solar panel from potential damage.

The flat, square design allows users to confidently lie the battery down, either by a window or a car dashboard, without the fear of it rolling off.  Another great advantage to the SolaWand is that it can also be used to charge up mobile phones and tablets.

The SolaWand is the future of Vaping with it’s obvious ecological and economical benefits.

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