What’s right for you?

Although we do not advocate that our electronic cigarettes will guarantee an immediate recovery from tobacco dependency we do believe it is possible to switch confidently from tobacco to vFlaverz if this is something you would like to do. However, no two tobacco dependent smokers are the same and their smoking habits vary enormously. We have therefore attempted to generalise most smokers into 3 categories and recommend the Electronic cigarette which might best suit their needs.

If you are a compulsive smoker of ten or more cigarettes a day and would like to switch from tobacco to vFlaverz entirely then we recommend the Prestige vWand as this offers an excellent battery life of as many as 400 draws before needing to be recharged and there are 2 batteries in the starter kit. An average cigarette is approximately 10 draws. As well as a great battery life, the Prestige vWand gives you control of your usage by showing on an LCD screen, the amount of draws taken as well as the level of charge remaining in the battery. There is also a switching off facility which helps to preserve the battery life whilst not in use. Another excellent aspect of the Prestige vWand is its attractive appearance. Although larger than our other suggestions, the Prestige vWand battery and case have an expensive yet trendy look.

If you are a lighter smoker eg less than 10 a day, then we would recommend the Pledge vWand starter kit. The Pledge vWand has a clearomizer which works on a mesh system. This filters out some of the nicotine resulting in a lighter throat hit. The Pledge vWand battery will give as many as 300 draws before needing recharging, which can take up to 2 hours.

If you are a social smoker who enjoys a cigarette occasionally then we would recommend the Bud Touch kit. This offers approximately 200 draws before the battery needs recharging which can take up to 2 hour. This ingenious little eCigarette can also double as a touch screen pen. At only £20 the Ruby Wand is a great way to discover the joys of vaping without too much investment.